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DLC Controls Summit

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3/15/2018 8:00am - 5:00pm

San Ramon, CA

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This ​one-day ​interactive ​workshop ​brings ​together ​Manufacturers, ​Energy ​Efficiency ​programs, ​and ​Industry ​Experts ​to ​gather ​and ​discuss ​ways ​to ​increase ​the ​adoption ​of ​Networked ​Lighting ​Controls ​(NLC). ​The ​DLC ​will ​present ​updates ​on ​its ​multi-year ​Networked ​Lighting ​Controls ​Project ​and ​facilitate ​discussion ​about ​the ​draft ​proposal ​of ​the ​DLC’s ​third ​version ​of ​the ​Networked ​Lighting ​Controls ​specification. 

**Please ​note ​that ​because ​of ​space ​limitations ​only ​2 ​representatives ​from ​each ​company ​may ​register ​for ​this ​event**
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