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5/24/2016 7:30am - 4:30pm

Spokane, WA

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In addition to interior and exterior lighting for industrial and warehouses, much of this class is also very relevant for office, school, retail, hospital and other commercial applications. Regarding hibays for various applications, it is not just of the question of going with LED or not, but make sure you get the right kind of LED. Various hibay applications include wet location, explosion proof lighting, food safety, gym and big box store. For retrofitting linear fluorescent fixtures, advantages and disadvantages of high performance fluorescent T8, extra long life T8, LED T8s (TLEDs), LED lightbars and LED troffer kits will be discussed. Screw-in and plug-in lamps, recessed cans and cooler lights will be covered. Task lights for industrial and offices are often under-utilized. Exterior lights include street, parking lot, flood, wallpack, bollard and garage. Photovoltaic can also be an option. Human Centric Lighting, basic and advanced controls and financial tools will also be discussed during this class. This training is coordinated by Northwest Industrial Training project and is co-sponsored by Avista, Inland Power & Light Company, Kootenai Electric Cooperative, Bonneville Power Administration, Northwest Food Processors Association and Washington State University Energy Program.

1411 East Mission Ave
Spokane, WA 99202

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NEEA Industrial Trainin, industrial-training@industrial.neea.org, 888-720-6823


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