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Pumping System Optimization

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12/9/2014 7:30am - 4:30pm

Boise, ID

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Did you know that the average pumping system efficiency is 40% or less? When pumping systems are not optimized for best efficiency, they will drain your company’s profitably with higher energy and maintenance costs, shorter mean time between repairs, more CO2 emissions and a less reliable system overall. The typical medium-sized plant spends over $1.4 million a year on energy to run their pumping systems. Better system design and optimized pumping systems may result in savings that will average $350K per year on energy alone. In addition, 4,436 tons of CO2 emissions may be avoided by implementing the systems optimization concepts discussed during this course. For irrigation users, the class can show how to lower header pressures without throttle valves and explore ways to modify pumps by trimming the impeller. The course will show how the variable speed drive can save additional power by slowing down the pump speed, which will save energy and reduce cost in the process. With the system running more efficiently, maintenance and operating costs will go down and the mean time between repairs will improve. With these savings opportunities, isn’t it time to find out how much your pumping systems are costing you? This course is coordinated by the NEEA Industrial Training project and is co-sponsored by Idaho Power, Idaho State Governor's Office of Energy Resources, Bonneville Power Administration, Washington State University Energy Program, and Northwest Food Processors Association.

The Owyhee
1109 Main Street
Boise, ID 83702

NEEA Industrial Training, industrial-training@industrial.neea.org, 888-720-6823


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