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The Heat Pump Coalition is a group of utility and energy efficiency interested parties that has agreed to share knowledge and align efforts to have biggest impact on HVAC industry efforts that help utilities accelerate market adoption of advanced heat pumps.

  A steering committee that consists of a representative from NEEA, NEEP, MEEA, NRCan, the US EPA and the CEC provides periodic coordination of activities, webinars and meetings.

The coalition is not a formalized organization. This is a "coalition of the willing" and as such, there are no dues or obligations. The hope is this will focus collective resources to identify gaps and fund the actions identified. Contact Theo at Theo.Keeley-LeClaire@icf.com to join. 


  • Test Procedure and Ratings
  • Equipment Roadmap
  • Design and Installation  

There are two levels of coalition participation

Coordinated Actions - Those with resources that would like to coordinate their research projects.  Face to face meetings 1-3 times per year at various conferences (NEEP ASHP workshop, EFX, ENERYSTAR Partners, etc)
 Informational - Those with interest in learning more or staying abreast HP coalition actions and want to receive periodic emails and webinar invites.

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