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Welcome (or welcome back) to Conduit ED!

This community will be the place for everything related to the Conduit ED series on the Demand Response & Distributed Energy Resources - see below for articles related to the series as we post them.

As a member of the community and as a "student" within this series, you'll be able to read weekly articles, videos, and see links to other resources within the series at your own pace. At the conclusion of the articles, we'll ask you to take a quick self-assessment survey to make sure that we keep improving, and that you get what you need for Conduit ED.

As you go through the series, we encourage you to (please) comment and ask questions! There are no bad or dumb questions. Everyone is here to learn, together. To ask questions and discuss, use the comment functionality on any of the lesson pages. 

All of the articles will be posted here as they're published, in the "Resources" folder over to your left.

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