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Increasing Regional Insights

Created 3/31/2016 by Hot Water Solutions
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Hot Water Solutions relies on utility partners for insight into the customer purchase experience. Since we do not receive any data directly from customers, we look to our utility partners to provide customer data to characterize the current state of the HPWH market and conduct Market Progress Evaluation Report surveys. These surveys provide great benefit to the region. If you’re interested in sharing customer data with Hot Water Solutions, please add this brief  information release statement to your HPWH rebate form:


‘You may be contacted by a third-party contractor for an interview regarding your experience and satisfaction with the product.’


Allowing NEEA’s Hot Water Solutions program to contact homeowners for surveying benefits utility partners and the region by:

Gathering information to help us improve NEEA’s Hot Water Solutions initiative and utility rebate programs, including:

  • Customer satisfaction
  •  Cost trends
  •  Energy-savings perceptions
  • Buying experience
  •  Program strengths and weaknesses
  •  Unforeseen risks

By better understanding the consumer’s perspective, the regional HPWH effort can work more effectively with the supply chain to optimize the buying process.

With this customer-level information, NEEA can more quickly create market conditions that will facilitate HPWH sales and installations. More HPWH sales translate to higher utility rebate volumes and regional savings.


We appreciate your consideration to collaborate. If you have any questions, please contact Jill Reynolds at jreynolds@neea.org or 503.688.5460.

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