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Conduit ED: What’s so important about market transformation? (Syllabus)

Created 9/29/2015 by Ben Fowler
Updated 6/17/2019 by Michele Francisco
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If you work in energy efficiency here in the northwest, chances are you’ve heard of market transformation. But not everyone has the same level of knowledge on the topic.


Conduit ED launched an education series on market transformation in October 2015. This free series includes a number of go-at-your-own-pace lessons posted on Conduit, with a final live “talk show” on the future of market transformation held in Portland, OR (we recorded it for those that missed it.) 

So why should I care about market transformation? Is my work even related to it? If you’re asking questions like these, you will want to check out this education series on market transformation. Even if you feel you’re an expert on the topic, there’s something to be gained. Find out why organizations like the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Institute for Market Transformation, United Nations, MIT, NEEP, and NREL, among others, believe that market transformation is a critical component when it comes to energy efficiency.


Here’s the outline of lessons in the series and the link to the lesson articles:


Article 1: What is a market and why should I care?

Article 2: Market Transformation: a Northwest Definition.

Article 3: Barriers and opportunities and leverage points, oh my!

Article 4: Intervention Strategies; jumping hurdles to reach the goal.

Article 5: Starting with the end in mind; visioning the transformed market

Article 6: Knowing where we are on the way; measuring progress.


Series Wrap-up article and “Talk Show” with Tom Eckman and Fred Gordon


Go at your own pace with each lesson.

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