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Money, Money, Money; Ain't it Funny.

Created 5/26/2015 by David Bopp
Updated 5/26/2015 by David Bopp
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This is an article that is going to come out in our local Flathead Beacon Newspaper this Wednesday the 27th of May:

How does it feel holding a nice check for doing something you already wanted to do?  Would your feelings change about that check if I told you it would have been worth twice as much if we had talked two weeks ago?  Bummer, you might have just missed out on $500 or more.

I want to help make sure you don’t experience this feeling.  I want to help you just like I’ve helped your neighbors.  I want to get you the biggest check I can but I need you to act.  I need you to call me. 

Here at Flathead Electric I provide checks to homeowners, like you and your neighbors, to upgrade their windows and insulation.  If you haven’t taken part yet, like your neighbors, then this is your opportunity.  You don’t want to miss it.  If you don’t act now you will be losing out on money.  Potentially lots of money. 

What do you need to do?  First off, if you have electric heat and old windows or poor insulation call me.  I will walk you through the process of upgrading them and at the end of the job I will send you a check.  $1062 was the average check we sent out for a window upgrade over the last several years.  $785 was the average check we sent out for an insulation upgrade during the same time.   We want to buy your energy efficiency savings from you.  What would your check be?  How much will you lose if you don’t act? 

What is the catch?  Well, the project has to be eligible and completed and certified by me before the middle of September.  This may seem a long way off but unless a project gets started pretty soon it may not make it.  What does this mean for you?  Don’t delay; start the process today.  If you put this off till tomorrow you’ll probably put it off till the next day too and soon it will be September.  Then you will remember and call me and once we are done talking you will not be wearing a smile.  You will have missed out on potentially hundreds of dollars to improve your home.  Don’t put yourself in this position.

It isn’t all bad after September.  I will still gladly work with you to upgrade windows or insulation but I will only be paying you about half as much.  You might have gotten $1200 in September but now will only get $600.  Just imagine what you could do with that money that you lost.  Don’t do this to yourself.  Make this summer the summer to replace those windows you have hated for so long or to get the insulation checked and fixed so you are more comfortable next winter. 

I know upgrading a home can be expensive.  We can help with that too.  If you are a little short on cash let us loan you the rest that you need.  You can pay us back on your bill.  Only 3% interest… where else will you find this option?  Even if you borrow $3000 that is only $4 a month in interest or $234 in interest over 5 years.  That is a cup of coffee a month from a local coffee shop.    Would you give up one cup of coffee each month to have new windows or a more comfortable and insulated home?

I can help with your home but I can also help if you have a rental home.  Why let it languish and go down in value when you can boost the value and your investment.  Isn’t the purpose of a rental to be an investment?  Make your investment do more for you.  Increase the value, increase how long your tenants stay since they are happy, decrease your vacancy times, and increase the rent that you can ask since it is an improved place.  Make your investment work for you.  Don’t let it hold you back.  Many landlords already have.  Join their ranks, don’t be left behind.   

Act!  Call me today!  This is not a scam or false promotion.  This is reality.  I truly will not be able to pay you nearly as much for any job completed after the middle of September.  I hate to see you miss out.  Your neighbors are getting these checks and you are just as welcome to take part.  I can offer you the tools to make this happen but you have to take the first step. 

For good of our cooperative, the good of yourself, and the good of your kids take one small step now.  My phone number is right below.  I’m waiting to write you a check.  Call me.

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