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EFX15 VIDEO: LIGHTning!!!! Big Ideas on Commercial Lighting

Created 4/29/2015 by Ben Fowler
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This is a video recording from the 2015 Efficiency Exchange conference held in Portland, OR at the Oregon Convention Center April 21-23. 

Debbie Driscoll, NEEA
Jeff Garets, Platt Electric Supply
Michael Lane, Puget Sound Energy
Peter Meyer, Tacoma Power
Elaine Miller, NEEA
Naomi Miller, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories
Gene Mills, Platt Electric Supply
Levin Nock, Bonneville Power Administration
Jessica Rose, Energy Trust of Oregon
Eric, Wilson, Evergreen-Efficiency

Carrie Cobb, Bonneville Power Administration
John Wilson, Bonneville Power Administration

Come and enjoy all the big ideas on lighting from new technologies, new program design, customer engagement, innovative research, distributor and contractor relationships, streamlining delivery….we got it all. Lighting experts from everywhere will share with you their one big idea in a fast-paced format that will be CRAZY FUN and WILDLY INFORMATIVE.

LIGHTning!!!! Big Ideas on Commercial Lighting from NEEA on Vimeo.

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