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Northwest utilities help bring game-changing water heating technology to region

Created 12/10/2014 by Veronica Marzilli
Updated 1/7/2015 by Veronica Marzilli
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Exciting news today! GE is preparing to bring a new highest-efficiency model of the GeoSpring™ heat pump water heater to market in January 2015.  This is the first product to meet the highest efficiency tier of the Northern Climate Specification, and offers savings of up to 69 percent compared to standard electric products.  Read the full story for more info!

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Comments (4)
Christopher Dymond on 12/18/14 on 12:44 PM (Pacific Time)
That is one sexy looking water heater (from an energy nerd perspective).

As a former board member of the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation, I can say two things.
1. The best solar domestic water heater is now a heat pump drawing waste and ambient energy around your house.
2. What took them so long?
Fred Gordon on 12/18/14 on 01:41 PM (Pacific Time)
It's great to see GE moving beyond Tier I equipment.   Some folks (I'm one) have struggled, based on the description, to explain how this is different from other Tier II options in terms of efficiency.  Is there an easy explanation of how it is functionally different?
Rob Penney on 01/01/15 on 09:00 AM (Pacific Time)
This is great news.  Having a cold-climate spec is an important start, but having more models to choose from, including name brands like GE will hopefully accelerate adoption.  Although water heaters typically live tucked away in closets and garages, I agree with Christopher--it's pretty good looking as water heaters go.
Veronica Marzilli on 01/07/15 on 07:36 AM (Pacific Time)
Fred - Sorry for the delay in your question...   Here's some info that GE shared with us that I wanted to pass on:

The sealed system incorporates several significant improvements, many of them proprietary, including redesign of the components (compressors, fans, etc.), the sensors, and the software algorithms used to control the behavior and response of the system in a wide variety of installation and ambient conditions. The GeoSpring design utilizes a single compressor and does not require or rely upon any additional “pre-compression” of the refrigerant. There may be extreme conditions encountered which can shift the GeoSpring to electric element operation temporarily, but the system returns to heat pump operation as quickly as conditions allow.

Hope that helps answer your question!

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