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Scaling Down: Small industrial SEM [Efficiency Exchange 2014]

Created 5/7/2014 by John Wallner
Updated 5/9/2014 by Ben Fowler
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Some key themes from the discussion today 
Using learning from working with larger industrial firms with SEM and getting solid results are helping programs decide to approach small industrials with SEM.
Small Industrial customers are many times hard to reach and may not have solid working relationships with the local serving programs. Recruiting them into SEM cohorts takes a little more outreach.

The right participants to join a new cohort are critical 
They should have top management sponsorship
Commitment of time and resources 
Willingness to follow through on plans and actions

Most all participants are now much better at managing energy as a controllable expense
Capital projects are flowing from facilities who historically were not doing them
Smaller firms are passionate about their business and tend to be more fun to work with

Efforts in NWE, ETO, and starting this year with BPA were discussed

All of the learning and sharing out will continue as part of the NW Industrial SEM Collaborative

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Ben Fowler on 05/07/14 on 10:57 AM (Pacific Time)
Nice Notes! Thanks John. 

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