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Now it's NED - the Buzz Begins!

Created 9/24/2013 by Eric Miller
Updated 9/30/2013 by Summer Goodwin
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As you can see from the intro, this is all about the new reporting system. It references  a day-long meeting which covered some really important but perhaps not-so-exciting stuff. There is a lot that could be said about the meeting but it’s probably best to keep this fairly brief.


Very quickly then, a brief history of EE reporting: In the beginning, there was the PTR – it was serviceable for numerous years but it eventually outgrew its pants. The next step was EE Central and perhaps the less said best there; it existed (troubled and turbulent) for just two or three months. Since then we have been reporting through the Interim Solution (IS 2.0). And now comes NED (yes, it already has a name and BPA approved acronym). NED stands for Northwest Efficiency Depot. And so you are asking: how am I going to remember that? Well, it is NERD - minus the R.


The meeting took place at Bonneville on September 10 and ran from around 8:30 in the morning to 3:30 or so. There seemed to be maybe about 20 folks in the room with another four or five on the phone. A handful of the folks were BPA and there were a couple of other stakeholders (stakeholders is my buzz-word for the week) present but the vast majority were utility folk. The essence of the meeting was to show what had been done in the development of the new reporting system so far and to get input from the utilities in respect to that and the way forward. It seemed to me that the right people from BPA were there and I was impressed with the caliber of the peeps representing the utilities.


The news here (and I think it is very good news) is that Bonneville has done a LOT already in terms of laying the groundwork for developing the software. They came to the meeting very prepared and with significant documentation (handouts, flow charts, spreadsheets) to demonstrate their work. They took quite a number of questions as they walked us through the progress to current - that took much of the day. These are my observations regarding the main takeaways about what we think know about NED:


  • BPA is confident that the system will rollout as completed product in October of 2014.
  • NED will be evolving through five stages of development on the way to October. The first stage is the absorption of PTCS in April.
  • It will be the system that we work through but all data will end up being stored at EEBI (EE Business Intelligence).
  • NED already has 25 types of reports for utilities to harvest  information. Unique reports (ie of a regional nature) would be produced by querying EEBI through the EERs (probably).
  • The new system will allow the reporting of a single measure or (like IS 2.0) will also allow bulk uploads.
  • The front end/user interface looks like it won’t make its appearance until stage five.


Bonneville will have teleconferences with the group on a “as need” basis and would only request another in-face get-together when significant progress has been made and the project would substantially benefit from the type of give and take that venue offers. I am hoping/planning on discussing the UI earlier rather than later because that dashboard will have a whole heck of a lot to do with the driving experience. I think BPA feels good about this “Stakeholder Engagement Group” and what it brings to the table on this issue. Having said that, Conduit offers an excellent forum for others to weigh in with observations and suggestions. Let’s get that conversation started…


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Comments (2)
Kendall Youngblood on 09/26/13 on 12:17 PM (Pacific Time)
Thanks for the summary!
Summer Goodwin on 09/30/13 on 04:07 PM (Pacific Time)
I love mnemonic devices. Thanks Eric. I'll never forget NED now.

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