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Created 2/12/2021 by Wyatt Hermanson
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The Market Analyst  supports an interdisciplinary team dedicated to bringing affordable energy efficient products and services to market in a sustainable manner.  This position is responsible for the quantitative analysis and modeling to develop market projections, provide market insights and decision making for program teams, and estimate energy savings forecasts for internal and external reporting. 

This role is highly cross-functional and influential.  It requires analyzing perspectives from various functions, being engaged with the strategic questions of the program team in order to provide key insights from the data and communicating clearly with peers and upper management.  The Senior Market Analyst will also support the department with key deliverables for reporting energy savings and other value metrics for our internal and external stakeholders.  This position will have a specific focus on NEEA’s Commercial Integrated Systems, Codes and Standards work. 

NEEA is hiring one Market Analyst and will consider candidates at a Senior and non-Senior level.  Determination will be based on experience, skills, and abilities.

Salary range for a Sr. Market Analyst: $79,100 - $89,100 exempt

Salary range for a Market Analyst: $71,000 - $80,000 exempt

Could This Be Your Dream Job?

Do you love working with data and research to derive insights and connect to and inform program strategy and decision making?  Do you enjoy building excel models to quantify program strategy and potential? Does the prospect of working cross functionally with smart colleagues excite you?  Are you the kind of person that will dig into the details to build a defensible model?  Are you one to bring information to life and translate the numbers to tell a story to your team?

The Typical Day May Include…

  • Meeting with a cross-functional team to synthesize the latest market research and data into insights that will influence future program direction and resulting energy savings forecast.
  • Forecasting various ‘what if’s’ of a market intervention strategy to establish the range of potential market outcomes for an emerging technology.
  • Discussing strategic questions that the program team is looking to gain traction on and exploring data to bring value-added analysis for insight gathering and/or decision making.
  • Meeting with your market research and evaluation partner to define what questions need to be answered in the next round of research in order to better inform your forecasting assumptions.
  • Reading a final report from a field trial of an emerging technology to extract relevant datapoints that support assumptions in your market analysis and energy savings forecasts.
  • Presenting your analysis to our Advisory Committees and discussing assumptions used for reporting market-wide efficiency gains to our funders.

What Are You Good At?

Top performers will be excited about making a difference in energy efficiency adoption by consumers and businesses across the Northwest region.  The mission of decreasing customers’ energy costs and carbon emissions will energize the ideal candidate.  You will enjoy using analytical approaches to forecast out new product potential, as well as working with cross-functional teams and speaking up in meetings to bridge the strategy with the forecast.  You will flex between the science of building out technical assumptions and documenting sources to the art of creating scenarios of what the future can be with each efficiency program in the Northwest.

You Likely Have The Following Experience:

  • Performing modeling, analysis and generating insights using data.
  • Identifying the right questions to ask to translate program strategy and supporting market research and create market adoption and energy savings forecasts for the business plan. Identifying gaps/needs in data, creating trend analysis, sensitivity analyses, and risk and opportunity assessments, and providing supporting recommendations to guide boundaries and associated decision making.
  • Accessing and synthesizing data in a database structure to bring value to program strategy and decision making.
  • Managing high level of detail and many components of analytical inputs and assumptions to tell complete and compelling story with your model.
  • Working with others to collaborate on program needs and outcomes.

Your Education, Experience, and Skills:

  • A minimum of 3-5 years of experience in analysis, research and/or quantitative modeling required. Senior level candidates will have 5+ years’ experience in analysis, research and/or quantitative modeling. 
  • Proven experience using data and analysis to integrate in program teams and influence business decisions.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Economics, Finance, Business Administration, Public Administration, or related field.
  • Experience in energy efficiency and/or energy codes and standards a plus.
  • Excel proficiency is mandatory. Programming language skills a plus.
  • Strong investigative and exploratory skills.
  • Ability to do a combination of communications, coordination, documentation, and detailed technical work in a fast-paced environment.
  • An equivalent combination of education, experience and training that would provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the successful performance of the essential job duties will also be considered.
To apply: https://neea.org/careers
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