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Industrial Facilities Site Assessment (IFSA) Webinar Planned for September 4, 2013

Created 8/9/2013 by Steve Phoutrides
Updated 9/6/2013 by Steve Phoutrides
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NEEA will host a webinar providing more information on the IFSA study.  The purpose of this webinar will be to raise general awareness about the study, provide context and purpose, explain and describe customer contact protocols as developed by stakeholders, and reserve time for additional questions. The IFSA has been designed to characterize the management and use of energy in Northwest industrial facilities.  Webinar content will also focus on the value of the information collected under the auspices of the IFSA to the region. In addition, the list of utilities impacted directly by the study due to sites samples in their specific territory will be identified. Expectations regarding the exact contact procedures designed to ensure utility-customers relationships are not harmed and that customer information is securely handled will also be covered.  

The webinar will be held September 4, 2013, from 2pm-4pm PDT.  We invite you to attend this webinar and to register via the following link:
http://neea.adobeconnect.com/r9c30agzuii/ We encourage you to spread the word to others you feel would benefit from this meeting.

Please contact Steve Phoutrides (sphoutrides@neea.org) with any questions.


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Comments (3)
Jason Jepsen on 09/04/13 on 09:26 AM (Pacific Time)
This link is "not found". Is the webinar happening, and, if so, how may I register?
BIll Harris on 09/05/13 on 01:44 PM (Pacific Time)
Steve, will the slides from yesterday's Webinar be posted here?
Steve Phoutrides on 09/06/13 on 07:50 AM (Pacific Time)
Yes.  We will post the slides today. 

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