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Conduit ED Site Updates Week 1: New Adventures

Created 6/19/2019 by Conduit ED
Updated 7/17/2019 by Stephanie Lane
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You may have heard that Conduit is taking on a new adventure. During the development of NEEA’s 2020-2024 Business Plan, NEEA’s Board discussed ways to deliver the most value to the region with the site at the most economical price point. These discussions resulted in the decision to transition Conduit from its current state as an online community to a file sharing resource, with changes taking place in late 2019. Although Conduit will be sunsetting its online community aspects later this year, it will retain its core functionality and activities that have been identified as critical to regional market transformation efforts.

With the shift of the site from an online community-building resource, to a file and resource sharing platform, this will be our last Conduit ED series. We’d like to thank all of the previous Conduit ED authors for your hard work and dedication to make the prior ED series. From Momentum Savings, to Demand Response, we’ve covered a variety of topics over the years.

Get caught up on all the previous series:

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For our final Conduit ED Series, we’ll be taking a deep dive into what’s staying on Conduit, how to use it, and the changes that will be occurring on the site.

Stay tuned for the rest of the series to learn more!
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