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At the heart of it all: What does cost effective mean?

Created 5/15/2019 by Nic Lane
Updated 5/20/2019 by Carol Lindstrom
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“Cost effective,” it’s a core value in energy efficiency, but it means different things to different people. The way EE practitioners determine what’s cost effective varies considerably by jurisdiction and the foundational assumptions applied can produce significant differences in what remains on the table.

The panel speakers and moderator brought the diverse perspectives of utilities, regulators, a four-state interstate compact and 140-utility utility collaboration to bear on an exploration of the varying approaches and considerations that go into a determination of cost effectiveness.

At the end of the day, EE is not a good resource because it’s conservation; it’s a good resource because it’s low cost and low risk compared to other resource options.

Ryan Brown, NEEA
Charles R. Grist, Northwest Power and Conservation Council
Jennifer Snyder, Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission
Alyn Spector, Cascade Natural Gas

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Carol Lindstrom on 05/20/19 on 05:55 AM (Pacific Time)
A PDF of the full presentation for this session can be found here.

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