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Emerging Tech in a Flash

Created 5/15/2019 by tjsharkey
Updated 5/20/2019 by Carol Lindstrom
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Quick share outs on emerging technology was presented via lightning rounds:

  1. Water Heating for Multi-family - Huge market potential, CO2 HPWH for new construction and existing, possible to replace multiple units with one unit.  
  2. Grid Interactive Water Heaters - Utilizing water heaters with communication ports to implement demand response.
  3. Legionella concerns in demand controlled re-circulation domestic hot water systems - Installation of "circuitsolvers" to allow a small amount of water to circulate through risers when not in use, still allowing the pumps to run at minimum speed.
  4. Variable Capacity Heat Pumps - key technologies include: variable speed drives, advanced HX, Low GWP refrigerants, smart controls, & cold climate heat pumps.  
  5. Very High Efficient Dedicated Outside Air Systems or VHE DOAS - Decoupled systems: dedicated outside air deliver with a highly efficient heat exchanger accompanied with a highly efficient separate heating/cooling system, i.e. VRF.  Great for small-medium sized buildings. Studies show potential for up to 42% energy savings.
  6. Switched Reluctance Motors for Air Handlers - DC motors that are ~10% more efficient than induction motors.  Small start up company developing motors.
  7. Network Lighting Controls - Increased capabilities with smart sensors: asset tracking, space utilization, & energy monitoring.
  8. Thin Triple Pane Windows - Utilize TV glass and Krypton gas for the middle pane, same overall size as double pane windows with greater performance.
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Carol Lindstrom on 05/20/19 on 06:00 AM (Pacific Time)
A PDF of the full presentation can be found here.

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