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The Northwest has the Regional Technical Forum to develop energy efficiency measures, but that’s not the only approach. Across the country, there are a host of ways to develop and update measure lists – including regional, statewide and utility-specific approaches.

 Using examples from Massachusetts, California, Arkansas and others, moderator Lauren Gage, Apex Analytics; and speakers Steven Schiller, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Jennifer Light, Northwest Power and Conservation Council; and Tim Melloch, Future Energy Enterprises, LLLC; identified a number of strengths and challenges in the various approaches, then posed the question: How does the Northwest compare, and can we do it better?

The RTF has had successes and challenges, but how does that compare to others?

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Carol Lindstrom on 05/20/19 on 05:56 AM (Pacific Time)
A PDF of the full presentation for this session can be found here.

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