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Making sense of the new Sense home-monitoring system

Created 5/14/2019 by Nic Lane
Updated 5/14/2019 by Veronica Marzilli
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Regional utility experts share their experiences with Sense, a home energy monitoring system that helps users understand their electricity usage. Sense installs in a home’s electrical panel and gives insight into residential energy use and home activity through an app-based interface. There are numerous similar tools that provide similar similar information. This tool uses load profiles to identify appliances in the user’s home and can help pinpoint sources of wasted electricity.

Jim Maunder, Ravalli County Electric Cooperative
Shaun Barnes, Ravalli County Electric Cooperative
Nick Dominguez, Lassen Municipal Utility District

  • Samples current and voltage 1 million times per second.
  • Each electrical device in a home has a distinct signature.
  • Sense uses that high-resolution data to detect small changes in magnitude, phase and frequency, and then applies machine learning algorithms to differentiate one device in a home from another.
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