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Residential Building Stock Assessment webinar soon!

Created 7/12/2013 by Carrie Cobb
Updated 11/25/2014 by Ben Fowler
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Do you love to pontificate about regional energy efficiency? Are you positive you understand how the east side is different from the west side? Do you love throwing around pet theories about urban versus rural energy efficiency?

Or…are you just interested in knowing a little bit about our CFL saturation?

Join us Thursday July 25 at noon to discover what the region’s residential building stock looks like: sliced by total region, just BPA public power, just IOU and by the 5 subregions of public power. We also look at the data for the SRR utilities, the Option 2 utilities and the Option 1 non-SRR utilities.

We will see where we are different:


and where we are similar:

Weblink and phone information are located at: http://www.bpa.gov/Energy/N/Utilities_Sharing_EE/Announcements/pdf/RBSA_Results_Brown_Bag.pdf


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Comments (7)
Sharon Kau Noell on 07/12/13 on 09:39 AM (Pacific Time)
oh what exciting news.. 

please be sure to send us the webinar info a soon as it is known.    thank you!!
Carrie Cobb on 07/12/13 on 10:01 AM (Pacific Time)
Hi Sharon, The weblink and phone information are located at:  http://www.bpa.gov/Energy/N/Utilities_Sharing_EE/Announcements/pdf/RBSA_Results_Brown_Bag.pdf

Justin Holzgrove on 07/18/13 on 03:27 PM (Pacific Time)
What a hook!
Rob Currier on 07/25/13 on 01:02 PM (Pacific Time)
 Hi Carrie! Thanks for the information today. Two questions:

1) Do you know if the data sets are available to utilities that want to run its own queries?

2) Do you know how well the BPA subregions (W Or, W Wa, PS, E Or & Wa, Id & Mt) compare to existing cooling zones and heating zones?

Thanks again!!
Carrie Cobb on 07/25/13 on 01:11 PM (Pacific Time)
Hi Rob,

The data sets are available to utilities. They can be downloaded at the following link: http://neea.org/resource-center/regional-data-resources/residential-building-stock-assessment This link has the super-detailed awesome data. I am also about to post a spreadsheet that has detailed information but is one level up from the RBSA database.

On the climate zones, awesome question. They do not. But, I think the data are robust that for a lot of the informaiton I bet we could slice and dice it that way if need be.
Justin Holzgrove on 07/25/13 on 01:18 PM (Pacific Time)
Will this presentation be posted online? I had a scheduling conflict arise- but I'm very intrigued!
Carrie Cobb on 07/25/13 on 03:59 PM (Pacific Time)
yes! I am going to post it tonight or tomorrow and tag it RBSA as well as the data set--I will make sure to share it with you Justin so you can find it. We are also going to possibly condense it down and share it at the roundtables, so maybe you can see it then?

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