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Heard the term "market transformation" bandied about but curious what it really means - and how it plays into your work in energy efficiency?

As Chief Transformation Officer for NEEA, I have the privilege of getting spend a lot of time working with staff around the region on market transformation efforts and talking about why it’s such an important framework for thinking about increasing adoption of energy efficiency. 

I'll be offering an overview of market transformation in a 2-hour course the afternoon before the Efficiency Exchange conference. Together, we'll look at how we can apply a formal approach to moving very different markets - from large-screen TVs to light bulbs to power sources hidden inside desktop computers - all towards greater efficiency. 

We'll tackle a number of important questions, such as:

  • What are the key barriers and opportunities for the markets that you work with?
  • What could you do to intervene in these markets to address these barriers?
  • What does a fully transformed market look like in the areas that you work in?
  • How would you know you’re on the path to that transformed market?
  • And most importantly: what can you do to transform the markets you are engaged with to be more energy efficient?

I hope that you'll join me... and bring your own experience and questions to share with your peers. This class is offered free of charge to EFX19 attendees, but space is limited, so please RSVP today to talk@neea.org and add this class to your calendar here.

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