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Good things come in threes: See who's speaking at EFX this year!

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The EFX planning team is excited about this year's keynote speakers, who'll provide insights and inspiration from the northwest and from "out of this world!"  

Efficiency Exchange 2019 Keynotes  

May 14

May 14

May 15

Elliot Mainzer
Bonneville Power

Heather Rosentrater
Vice President of
Energy Delivery
Avista Corp.

Leroy Chiao
Performance Specialist, 

BPA Administrator Elliot Mainzer welcomes conference attendees on the morning of May 14, covering Energy efficiency and demand response’s role in the Northwest’s rapidly changing energy landscape. He'll discuss how in a rapidly changing landscape, BPA is continuously evolving its conservation program to help the region meet its energy and capacity needs. Energy efficiency extends the benefits of the Federal Columbia River Power System and demand response has the potential to offer seasonal capacity relief in a capacity-constrained system. BPA’s business strategy includes energy efficiency and demand response to support financial and operational competitiveness; looking farther ahead, these tools also play a unique and valuable role in wholesale and retail grid optimization, and regional energy decarbonization efforts.

Immediately following Mr. Mainzer, Avista VP of Energy Delivery Heather Rosentrater's topic is Dynamic Demand Side Management – Designing and Operating Grid Optimal Buildings. She'll talk about how increased electrification and new building practices are resulting in unintended, adverse effects to resource planning and energy delivery. Working with new building owners and communities to produce net zero and net zero ready buildings that will work in concert with utility infrastructure can reduce the need to build additional resources and infrastructure that would otherwise be needed. This thoughtful partnership between building owners and their utility could minimize system cost burden on customers, while ensuring reliable energy service and still reducing carbon.

On the morning of May 15, Astronaut, Performance Specialist, and  Innovation / Technology Futurist Leroy Chiao  takes the stage to with Endeavor to the Next Level! He'll pose the question, "What does it take to jump to the next level?" It takes the right kind of leadership to foster a culture, which emphasizes the rigor of operational excellence, but also encourages using collaboration, curiosity and creativity to take calculated risks and novel paths. It is also vital that your enterprise stays up to date on technology and innovation trends, to stay in the lead position.

During spaceflight, operational decision-making can make the difference between life and death, success and failure – especially during a crisis. But in some cases, it is the novel solution that saves the day. In this presentation, Dr. Leroy Chiao shares provocative and awe-inspiring stories from his four space missions, including nail-biting tales of real emergency situations, and shows audiences how lessons learned from spaceflight can impact their organizations. Using his personal experience as the commander of a 193-day mission aboard the International Space Station, he illustrates how reaching for the stars is important, but even more so is honing the skills required to not only stay alive, but thrive.

Through awe-inspiring stories of his time in space and breathtaking photos, Chiao looks at what is coming around the bend and how organizations can take advantage of the next technological phase and form the right culture to jump to the next quantum level!

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