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Final Day to for the 2018 Word of the Year!

Created 12/13/2018 by Stephanie Lane
Updated 1/24/2019 by Stephanie Lane
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UPDATE: The poll is now open! Click here to vote for your favorite word of the year. And thank you to all who submitted ideas! 

It’s about that time of year for reflection. A time to look back on all the things you’ve accomplished, the changes that have occurred, and reminisce on the memories from the past 12 months. During your time of reflection, we want to ask you one question, “What’s been the most memorable thing that has happened in energy efficiency?”

Now that you’re mid-daydream, reflecting on 2018, we want to hear from you. Let us know what your top EE word of the year is for 2018!

We’re taking entries until 01/14/2019. At the end of the entry period, we’ll provide you with the top 3-5 words of the year. And then it’s your turn to decide. The winner will receive an Amazon Gift Card! So, go ahead and get to posting! We can’t wait to hear your word.


  • Contest starts 12/13
  • Top word entries will be picked 01/14
  • Poll for Conduit voting will open 01/17 and close 01/24
  • Winner announced 01/31.
  • You may post more than once!

Tell us what your energy efficiency word of the year is in the comment section below for your chance to win an Amazon Gift Card.

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Comments (23)
Veronica Marzilli on 12/13/18 on 09:03 AM (Pacific Time)
Web Scraping! 
Laura Chrestenson on 12/13/18 on 09:43 AM (Pacific Time)
Smart Thermostats!
Michael Johnson on 12/13/18 on 10:48 AM (Pacific Time)

Because it is too late for sustainability.


Melinda Eden on 12/14/18 on 01:23 PM (Pacific Time)
For new collaborators, refreshed engagement, new commissioners and other partners
Ryan Davies on 12/20/18 on 09:43 AM (Pacific Time)
Geert Aerts on 12/20/18 on 09:47 AM (Pacific Time)
Geert Aerts on 12/20/18 on 09:47 AM (Pacific Time)
Michele Francisco on 12/26/18 on 08:43 AM (Pacific Time)
Jennifer Stout on 12/26/18 on 09:34 AM (Pacific Time)
Climate change
Vickie Bergum on 12/27/18 on 06:16 AM (Pacific Time)
Geert Aerts on 01/02/19 on 11:21 AM (Pacific Time)
Jennifer Wood on 01/03/19 on 11:40 AM (Pacific Time)
Jennifer Finnigan on 01/03/19 on 11:47 AM (Pacific Time)
Geert Aerts on 01/03/19 on 11:52 AM (Pacific Time)
battery peaking plant
Geert Aerts on 01/03/19 on 11:52 AM (Pacific Time)
battery storage
Ken Nichols on 01/03/19 on 12:14 PM (Pacific Time)
Beneficial Electrification
Ken Nichols on 01/03/19 on 12:15 PM (Pacific Time)
Goodbye Conduit
Jennifer Finnigan on 01/03/19 on 12:22 PM (Pacific Time)

Challenge the orthodoxy


Cost competitiveness
Ken Nichols on 01/03/19 on 12:23 PM (Pacific Time)
More Momentum
Eric Miller on 01/10/19 on 12:16 PM (Pacific Time)

Geert Aerts on 01/10/19 on 12:37 PM (Pacific Time)
distributed energy
Geert Aerts on 01/10/19 on 12:52 PM (Pacific Time)
one gigawatt-hour Tesla battery
Phillip Norman on 01/12/19 on 04:46 AM (Pacific Time)

as in batteries, water storage, hydrogen by electrolysis, and the like

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