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What's filling the region's Emerging Technology pipeline?

Created 11/28/2018 by Veronica Marzilli
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Mapping opportunities to advance emerging technologies

In the Northwest, efficiency organizations, utilities, laboratories and others are working together every day to pool their resources to identify and refine technologies that perform well and save energy for Northwest consumers, while decreasing risks for the region.

A key driver in helping these emerging technologies succeed is collaboration through the Regional Emerging Technology Advisory Committee, better known as RETAC. To optimize regional investment in energy-efficient technologies, RETAC manages a shared, regional emerging technology database here on Conduit. This database houses information about emerging technology products and projects, provides portfolio-level analysis and reporting, and facilitates collaboration.

Curious about what technologies are being looked at by the region?

NEEA now has a map of what active projects are happening around the region on its website at neea.org/ET

You can use this interactive map to see active RETAC projects by partner and technology. And, for more details on the alliance’s emerging technology activities across the region, see NEEA’s latest quarterly updates and Emerging Technology reports that are also linked on this page. 

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