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Industrial Facilities Site Assessment (IFSA) - Characterizing Energy Use in the Northwest Industrial Sector

Created 6/11/2013 by Steve Phoutrides
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In partnership with regional stakeholders, NEEA is conducting the Industrial Facilities Site Assessment (IFSA) through their contract partner, Cadmus.  The purpose of the IFSA is to assess the energy use characteristics of industrial facilities in the Northwest (Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington).  The study will provide utility and regional partners with information to assist their energy efficiency planning efforts.


With the IFSA, NEEA has endeavored to reach out to the region’s utilities in order to ensure they are aware of the project, as well as to learn about and address issues they may have.  NEEA first presented the project to the Industrial Advisory Committee in November 2012 and then later to the wider region via a Webinar in early 2013.  As part of the effort to encourage utility involvement, working groups were established to provide utilities a formal channel through which to guide the design and execution of the study. Each working group provides participants a clearly defined  focus to engage with specific project elements, e.g., establishing procedures for contacting customers, ensuring data is secure and that confidentiality is protected, designing a representative sample to align with the region’s planning needs, and determining what specific information to collect. The working groups are meant to be representative of organizations that have similar concerns and are provided the opportunity to contribute to the planning of the IFSA.


As the project progresses, NEEA will use Conduit as a means of keeping the wide range of interested regional parties updated, throughout stages of the project. Individuals looking to keep abreast of activities should join the NEEA IFSA Interest Group (which is public). Expect to see documentation of the working groups ongoing efforts to be posted in this space, and look for final protocols from each group to be available by early July.  Progress reports on data collection will be found here as well, with monthly updates between July and December.  Finally, report links will also be posted beginning in March 2014.

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