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Energy Efficiency Has Cut Regional Power Use By 25 Percent Since 1990

Created 7/11/2018 by Stephanie Lane
Updated 7/11/2018 by Stephanie Lane
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According this article written by John Harrison at the Northwest Power and Conservation Council,  "Since the Council published its first Power Plan in 1983, energy efficiency, also known as energy conservation, has been a primary resource to meet the electricity needs of the Northwest. In those 35 years, about 6,000 average megawatts of energy efficiency have been accomplished, reducing demand for power, saving consumers billions of dollars per year compared to the cost of building generating plants to produce that much power, and eliminating the emissions that would have come with new generating plants. Six thousand average megawatts expressed as power consumption would be roughly equivalent to the average annual power demand of five cities the size of Seattle."

Check out the rest of the article to read more about the Council's analysis, and how EE is providing value to the Northwest's economy.
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