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EFX18: Steve Brown Keynote, the "Bald Futurist" Talks Tech Trends

Created 5/17/2018 by Christian Miner
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Steve Brown "The Bald Futurist" Keynote
What are the technologies coming to the market in the next 5-10 years and what are the implications?

1. IOT – Internet of Things: Built to bridge the physical to the digital world.

IOT is giving the world a nervous system, 100 trillion sensors to be deployed in the world by 2020.

Wifi sensors can count how many phones they see without being connected with them and use this as a proxy for the number of people in the store. Starbucks can change their store atmosphere by sensing how many customers they have in real time increasing and optimizing the consumer experience. 

Miniscule and Tiny computers - Computers are getting smarter and smaller, smaller than a grain of salt – you can put them anywhere which enables IOT on a broader scale.

2. AI represents a completely different way of computing, programming by training sophisticated computers with data vs. traditional digital computing.

“AI is more important than electricity or fire” - Sundar Pichai – CEO of Google

AI is possible because of advanced algorithms, increased processing power, and availability of massive data storage (data avalanche).

  1. Enabling computers to see hear and understand.
  2. Discovery – find patterns in a giant sea of data.
  3. AI learns from past experiences.
  4. Computers can now create and imagine.
    1. A robot that has learned on its own the difference between a head of lettuce and a weed, and can weed a garden.
    2. Robots that learn to walk and walk faster by themselves.
    3.  Internet filters are currently using AI to keep spam out of your email inbox.

Predictive weather models can use AI to improve accuracy.

Generative adversarial networks – two AI computers competing against each other and therefore allowing each other to learn, a generator vs a discriminator type model of achievement.

With the advent of AI computers now have a digital imagination, seeing is no longer believing in the world we are heading into now that AI is possible.

Conversational Computing – Humans speaking with an AI voice.

Objects with personalities – washing machines that will have personalities and that you can speak with.

3. Autonomous machines - Put AI in an object and allow it to move (a robot with AI).

4. Blockchain – the underlying technology that powers crypto-currency. It is a new platform that will be used to create value; a decentralized database distributed among many users and protected by military grade encryption. The heightened security of a Blockchain creates trust in an internet world of mistrust.

Generating new applications sitting on a blockchain will protect data. For example, building a new social network on a blockchain will protect your identity. Blockchains will be used by hospitals to create networks that will secure and store medical data.

Blockchain gives people more control over their data and brings more trust to the internet in the age of AI.

5. Augmented Reality - digital content overlaid on the physical world. For example, Apps become 3D objects viewed thru glasses/goggles.

6. 5G Networks – The method of interconnection between AI networks.

How will these new technology developments transform business?

They will help cultivate agriculture with robots, autonomous machines and microprocessors attached to livestock. This will aide in identifying livestock behavioral trends to promote healthy outcomes and breeding.

With AI, data can provide the detection of patterns and feed business models making them more efficient. This helps the business owner gain a competitive advantage.

Autonomous mobile stores that come to your location are on the rise.

Healthcare – longitudinal studies developed on the blockchain will help identify healthier outcomes at the individual level with increased speed.

Precision medicines will use AI, blockchain development and genetic code to identify immediately what medications are best for individuals. This will shorten the “trial and error” medical diagnosis period.

AI is being used to support human diagnostics of medical imagery (MRI) which helps to reduce false positive diagnosis.

Manufacturing – Industry 4.0 – creating a digital version of what is happening on the manufacturing floor and using AI to develop a diagnostic, digital picture of production.

Cobots – robots that assist humans without having to develop software or code, the robot learns easily from their human counterpart.

AI can also help predict the need for maintenance on traditional machines and equipment.

Construction – robots can optimize brick laying and perform building retrofits with increased speed and precision.

How will autonomous machines and AI influence the utility industry?

Performing residential energy efficiency audits using AI, by the home owner.

There is a growing possibility for utilities to get into EVs. Utilities should consider leasing and powering EVs and not let Google and Tesla begin to compete.

Autonomous and electric truck development is on the rise.

Autonomous electric ships are being developed at a rapid speed.

Autonomous drones carrying people across the city is within 5-years.

Autonomous electric planes are also on the horizon.

Everything is becoming a sophisticated, tiny computer with AI breakthroughs.

Utilities are in good shape to take advantage of the future. The timing is right.

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