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Created 5/10/2018 by Stephanie Lane
Updated 5/23/2018 by Veronica Marzilli
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A lot has changed in the world of energy efficiency over the past several decades. We’ve evolved from incandescent bulbs to LEDs, advanced heat pump technology in everything from water heaters to clothes dryers and embraced new, demand response technology in commercial buildings.

But let’s be real – there’s more work to be done. While we’ve come a long way, here at Conduit we know you have a lot of ideas for the future of energy efficient products and services that we couldn’t have even imagined 10 years ago. That’s one of the things we love most about Efficiency Exchange: getting to share ideas with the best and brightest from around the Northwest.

We want to hear from you! While you’re at Efficiency Exchange this week, head over to the Conduit Lounge to charge your devices, take a break and catch up with the Conduit community.

While you’re at it, comment on this post below with the #1 thing you hope to see in the future of energy efficiency! Show us your comment while you’re at the lounge and you’ll even get a FREE Conduit Magic-8 Ball to ask all of your burning energy efficiency questions!

We can’t wait to hear your ideas for a bright, energy efficient future!


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Comments (9)
Jacob Henry on 05/15/18 on 08:38 AM (Pacific Time)
A web based lighting calculator!
Stephanie Lane on 05/15/18 on 08:51 AM (Pacific Time)
energy efficient vehicles!
Michael Wallace on 05/15/18 on 10:05 AM (Pacific Time)
Advanced lighting networking and controls. 
Michele Francisco on 05/15/18 on 02:35 PM (Pacific Time)
Fully integrated and connected smart devices in homes of all ages!
Tom Lienhard on 05/15/18 on 02:38 PM (Pacific Time)
An application for smart devices that helps us pick our next replacement appliance to be more efficient.
Jeremy Stewart on 05/16/18 on 05:31 AM (Pacific Time)
Easy to use customer focused programs that deliver DR and EE savings.
David Moody on 05/16/18 on 08:43 AM (Pacific Time)

Better integration with the power system.

David Christie on 05/16/18 on 12:27 PM (Pacific Time)
Going from a goal of net zero to net negative, produce more than use
David Christie on 05/16/18 on 12:29 PM (Pacific Time)
Take away from EFX18, Lighting Round well managed by Christopher Diamond.  Excellent Keynote speakers.

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