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Limited Time Opportunity! Act Now!

Created 9/8/2017 by David Bopp
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Article printed October 26, 2016 in the Flathead Beacon:

We see these slogans and others like them daily.  We are “given” opportunities to save, save, save!  If we do as they say are we really saving money?  If you buy a TV for $750 but according to the salesman, “it was originally $1000,” have you saved $250?  No, you spent $750.  What if you bought something for $4000 and then someone else came along and gave you $1300 back?  Would that be saving?  I would say it is!  What if I offered you that opportunity; would you be interested?  Of course you would!

What do you need to do; well gather around close and I’ll let you in on a little secret.  The federal government and our state government will increase your tax refund if you make smart upgrades to your home.  This is not small change either.  We are talking about potentially $1300 for most improvements but potentially thousands of dollars. What would you do if you received a $1300 check this next April? 

Of course there are strings attached (there is no free money after all).  You are required to make your home more comfortable and to reduce your heating costs.  That is right!  The government will let you pay less taxes if your home is more comfortable and costs you less on your utility bills each month.  How is this not a winning situation?  Personally, I have been taking advantage of this for years and my house is very comfortable and costs me very little to heat.

I know what is brewing in the back of your mind; “What will this cost?”  Life is busy and budgets are tight. The cost depends on the upgrade you undertake but in general the amount of money you get back depends on what you spend (the more you spend the more energy you typically save).  I am sure you are thinking, “Christmas is coming up.  Surely this can wait.”  It could wait if you don’t mind walking away from hundreds of dollars.  The federal tax credit is set to expire at the end of this year.  Maybe it will be renewed but that takes an act of Congress and in our current political environment I would not want to take that bet. 

Excited by the possibility of more comfort and the opportunity to pay less each month for your utility bills?  I bet you are!  Hesitant because of how much it might cost?  I am sure you are.  Let’s talk details.  What upgrades to your home will actually bring money back to you?  Upgrades to your insulation, windows, heating system, water heater, or air sealing your home are the most common. 

Still not sure this is the best place to put your money right now?  At Flathead Electric we have other opportunities, additional rebates and low interest loans, to help you afford the upgrades if you qualify.  Daily I help people just like you find ways to make their homes perform a little better.  Sometimes they are upgrading their heat and in addition to the tax credit they take advantage of our rebate program.  Others, choose to upgrade their dying water heater with a high efficiency one.  They had to do it anyway and thanks to the rebate from us and the tax credit their cost was less than buying a standard inefficient one.  Some homeowners dread the winter chills rolling off their windows and jump on replacing the worst offending windows or all of them before winter sets in full force.  Hundreds have taken advantage of our low interest loan program to help spread out the costs and allow them to enjoy the Holidays and make smart upgrades. 

If you don’t act right now though you won’t do it.  Every day that goes by after reading this you are less likely to act.  Less likely to do the smart thing for yourself and your family.  Overwhelmed by possibilities and not sure where to start?  You are in luck; we are here as your trusted energy advisor.  Take advantage of our years of experience helping others make the right choices for their homes.  It is one phone call; a few minutes of your time to take the first step that could change your outlook on your home. 

A Chinese proverb says the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time is now.  The same is true for efficiency upgrades to your home.  If you had chosen to upgrade years ago you would already be living with lower utility costs and higher comfort.  If you wait you are wasting your money and time.  Life moves quickly; make this a priority today.  Give me a call and learn what opportunities are waiting for you.

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