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RETAC 2.0 Emerging Technology Database now available!

Created 6/26/2017 by Dave Kresta
Updated 6/26/2017 by Veronica Marzilli
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As we try to keep up with emerging technology, it can be challenging to understand what technologies are on the radar for different organizations across our region. Over the last year, the Regional Emerging Technology Advisory Committee (RETAC) has been working to improve the level of regional collaboration around emerging technologies, an effort collectively known as “RETAC 2.0.”

We are pleased to announce that the first phase of our efforts is now available on ConduitNW.org in the form of a shared Emerging Technology database that anyone in the region can access. With these features you will be able to:

  1. Easily see what emerging tech products and projects are underway in our region.
  2. Add your own products and projects to the database (RETAC members only)
  3. Open the door to more collaborative opportunities through increased visibility and sharing.

We already have great momentum with the database: as of today (6/26/17) there are 72 products and 102 projects in the database.

Steps to access the Emerging Technology Database on Conduit:

  1. Go to the RETAC community page: https://conduitnw.org/Pages/Group.aspx?rid=29
  2. Check out the tutorials (“Overview” and “Running Reports” will be most pertinent for non-RETAC members - see screenshot below).


  1. If you are not a RETAC member, you can still view all of the content and keep up to date!
  2. If your organization is working on emerging technology, please contact me to discuss how we can best get your organization’s information into the database.


If you have any questions about RETAC 2.0, please contact me!


Dave Kresta



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