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SEM Pyramid

Created 8/25/2011 by John Wallner
Updated 2/21/2012 by Ben Fowler
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For thirty years the EE industry has been engaging with industrial firms in the elements of energy management to various degrees of success. What strategic energy managment as a management system is doing is leveraging the basic elements into a systemic approach that will reliably manage energy as a controllable expense at the facility. NEEA piloted Continous Energy Improvement between 2006-2009 proving that this approach can lead to reliable energy savings for both the facility as well as the local EE program. Capital projects have context in a system of active energy management. This diagram intends to tie out some of  the variousprograms in the SEM space. The more comprehensive programs require the foundational elevements. 
We seek to move the industrial firms into more comprehensive SEM practices across the Northwest.
What roles do you see our regional EE programs playing in this effort?
When are you launching your local EEprogram SEM effort?
How can NEEA leverage the work currently being taken on by the regional EE programs? 
Looking forward!

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