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NW Industrial Energy Efficiency Summit Presentations 2011

Created 1/25/2012 by Ben Fowler
Updated 11/26/2014 by Ben Fowler
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Comments (4)
Ben Fowler on 01/25/12 on 01:03 PM (Pacific Time)
For a  recap on the event, visit this post. 
Gerard O'Sullivan on 01/26/12 on 10:26 AM (Pacific Time)
Thanks Ben.  

I found the "Monetizing Energy Improvement Opportunities" presentation by Christopher Russel very informative.  Glad I have the presentation to review.
Ben Fowler on 01/26/12 on 11:00 AM (Pacific Time)
You are welcome. I thought the whole summit was great. Excellent sessions and great networking opportunities.
Summer Goodwin on 01/31/12 on 04:13 PM (Pacific Time)
Here is a complete list of the presentations at this link:

Columbia Machine, Inc. Sustainability; Creating Energy Efficiency Across Multi-Plant Organizations; Energy Use as a Contrrollable Cost Woodfold Case Study; Great Applications of Existing Technologies - High Power, Low Voltage VFD Application; Project Economics: Monetizing Energy Improvement Opportunities; Compressed Air System Optimization; Creating Energy Effiicency Across Multi-Plant Organizations2; Fitesa Case Study; Oregon Leaders Award for Industrial Energy Efficiency; Refrigeration Efficiency: It begins with the operators; Shields Bag and Printing RCO #1 Heat Recovery Project; The Power of Executive Engagement