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Article on how better maintenance may reduce costs

Created 12/29/2011 by Rick Hodges
Updated 1/11/2012 by Ben Fowler
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Comments (2)
Martin Lott on 12/29/11 on 10:56 AM (Pacific Time)
Great article, Rick!  Thanks for posting.

I am curious if anyone has considered similar "energy savings agreements" with HVAC contractors, or plan to in the future.  What obstacles might you need to overcome?

Perry Spring on 02/27/12 on 12:59 PM (Pacific Time)
I too saw this column, and thought it worthy to post on the new "Government Resource Conservation Manager's" group site.  When I was a co-owner for an HVAC service & install company in the 90's "Preventative Maintenance" contracts were the buzz.  Hopefully "Energy Saving Agreements" can be the next wave!