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Business Magazine Feature - Industrial Customers Save Money & Improve Performance

Created 10/5/2011 by Nancy Adams
Updated 1/11/2012 by Ben Fowler
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Comments (6)
Nancy Adams on 10/05/11 on 02:24 PM (Pacific Time)
I think this Power Smart month campaign may be of interest to members who are targeting industrial business leaders in their marketing efforts.
Ben Fowler on 10/05/11 on 08:30 PM (Pacific Time)
This is a great article Nancy. Thanks for sharing. What types of print and online distribution is underway or targeted?
Nancy Adams on 10/06/11 on 10:35 AM (Pacific Time)
 BC Business Magazine print version is circulated to paid subscribers and controlled distribution through Air Canada Maple Lead lounges, Harbour Air flights, Gateway Valet at YVR Airport; the online magazine site (the url you viewed) of the the magazine receives monthly visitors of 50,000.   In addition to the distribution through BC Business magazine, over the course of October (which is Power Smart month) we are also sending out tweets through @PowerSmartBC, purchasing targeted LinkedIn Ads, running a feature in our owned media channel Current eNewsletter, displaying theprofiles on our new Energy in Your Sector web pages and distributing print copies of the magazines to customers and partners.
Ben Fowler on 10/06/11 on 12:00 PM (Pacific Time)
Great info, thanks. I'll be sure to follow that twitter feed.
Ben Fowler on 10/24/11 on 11:42 AM (Pacific Time)
Nancy - just curious what the uptake has been on readership or action with regards to the campaign? Have you seen any positive effects yet? 
Nancy Adams on 10/27/11 on 01:30 PM (Pacific Time)
Hi Ben, we have had lots of positive feedback from customers on the campaign but no stats are available yet.  BC Business is a monthly media publication and the hard copy and online campaign is live until early November.
Thanks for the highlight in your email to Conduit members.  Please note that October has been designated "Power Smart month" for many years now and is not something we started with this campaign.  The BC Business Magazine advertising campaign is one component of a larger campaign that targets all of our customers:  residential, commercial and industrial.

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