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Your Marketing Horror Stories?

Created 4/30/2014 by David Moody
Updated 5/9/2014 by Ben Fowler
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Hey there marketing peeps, 

As some of you may know I am hosting a discussion at Efficiency Exchange next week called "It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: Catastrophic Failures and Cautionary Tales in Marketing".  Basically I want to host a group discussion in which all of us in the marketing trenches tell war stories for the amusement and education of the people in attendance.  Since I suspect many of the marketing folks will not be able to attend I thought I would ask for the benefit of your contributions before hand.  What are your best marketing horror stories?  I'll share with those in attendance and will happily withhold names to protect the innocent.


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Comments (1)
Ben Fowler on 05/09/14 on 11:24 AM (Pacific Time)
Sorry nothing came through here Dave. May have been a timing issue so close to the conference. I still think this is a great idea though - maybe we can kick off a similar conversation after the conference dust settles...