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Northern Climate Qualified Products process

Created 8/1/2012 by Dave Kresta
Updated 5/27/2016 by Hot Water Solutions
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NEEA is continuing to refine the process to maintain the Northern Climate Qualified Products list. The process we are following is documented here.  A product assessment worksheet that is being used to guide the qualification process is available here.

A change we are implementing is that before officially adding or excluding a product, we will inform the HPWH Program and Technical Workgroups (along with lab results and/or other available documentation upon which the decision was based.). A comment period of 5 business days will be provided for any feedback/comments on the addtion/exclusion, at which time the change will be made official, or the change will be deferred or modified depending on feedback received from the group.

We welcome you comments on the process!
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Hot Water Solutions on 05/27/16 on 07:04 AM (Pacific Time)
The Northern Climate Specification has become the Advanced Water Heater Specification. To learn more, read https://conduitnw.org/Pages/Article.aspx?rid=1057

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