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Created 8/8/2013 by Rob Penney
Updated 8/8/2013 by James Hillegas-Elting
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This past year, BPA, with support from NEEA, EPRI, and WSU, has had some substantial success in leading efforts to flesh out and improve these technology roadmaps. For some time, there have been some small discussions about making them editable in wiki format. Now that they have been updated by a broader and larger national audience through a serious of workshops, this seems like a great next step. Researcher, technology assessors, product manufacturers, utilities, end users, and others can weigh in on what's missing from current offerings of energy efficient products and what research may be useful in achieving these developments. I think a wiki format would be more engaging and effective although certainly not cheap or simple to set up. It would jive well with Joshua’s and James’ vision of the roadmaps being living, dynamic, and useful documents.

One key element of this is motivation; how can the wiki system be set up to make it engaging, simple to use, and rewarding enough to encourage top level experts to set aside their massive workload to volunteer their time helping to improve these roadmaps? The fact that BPA was able to attract hundreds of top experts to the roadmapping workshop and WSU has had great success in doing some to serve on our technology advisory committees shows that it is possible. Experts who have dedicated their lives to advancing efficiency technologies are drawn to opportunities to rub elbows with like-minded peers and help steer the future of development.

Another is how to filter out heavily biased, self-serving contributions. There are certainly amazing examples of how this can be done effectively (including NEEA's Conduit groups, Wikipedia, and the huge workshops that led to these roadmaps), so with adequate cofunding to set it up well, I am hopeful that this is possible.

Rob Penney
WSU Energy Program

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James Hillegas-Elting on 08/08/13 on 11:54 AM (Pacific Time)
Thanks for your thoughts on this important item, Rob. You're right: there are some fundamental questions about how to design both the front- and back-ends of such a website to make it easy to update and easy to search and use. The conversation we had with NREL's OpenEI (http://en.openei.org/wiki/Main_Page) team  a couple of weeks ago was a very productive place to start to understand how our ideas about features and functionality can be realized for the benefit of the contributors and all of our stakeholders. I look forward to keep this community updated as plans move forward.

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