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Seattle Solid-State Streetlighting Symposium videos now available!

Created 6/20/2012 by Mark Rehley
Updated 10/19/2012 by Mark Rehley
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NEEA hosted a one-day symposium in Seattle in March on the business case for and the future of solid state municipal streetlights (SSL) in the Northwest. Symposium participants learned about updates to controls and luminaires, results of recent studies, and lessons learned from municipalities. The engaging symposium was an excellent opportunity for the region’s utilities and municipalities to share ideas and successes on using SSL streetlights and discussing what’s next for the region.

If you missed the symposium, you can view the whole day here:

Video one (click here):   Introduction - Mark Rehley, NEEA
                                       Traveling Down the Lighted Street - Nancy Clanton, Clanton Associates

Video two (click here):   Building the Business Case - Michael Barber, Municipality of Anchorage and Laura Stuchinsky, City of San Jose, DOT Sustainability Office

Video three (click here):  Retrofit Economics - Models and Real Life - Ben Pickard, Director, Utilities and Outdoor Lighting, C40 
                                       MSSL Consortium - Tools and Resources - Edward Smalley, Director, Municipal Solid-State Street Light Consortium and Seattle City Light)

Video four (click here):  Case Studies of Successful Solid-State Streetlight Implementations:  Anchorage, San Jose, Seattle, Colorado Springs

Video five (click here): A Tale of Four Cities (Visual Acuity Testing Results)  Nancy Clanton, Clanton and Associates and Dr. Ron Gibbons, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
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