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Created 2/27/2012 by Ben Fowler
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Currently all the content on Conduit comes from you and other community members. It's a user-generated world. And I think that is good. It's authentic, social, relevant and real-time. But it may not be comprehensive. And that is where I think we can do better. I believe that in 2012 Conduit will become a true one-stop-shop for all your Energy Efficiency news needs. But in order to get there, I need your help.

Where do you go to get your energy efficiency news currently? And in general, what sort of news and other relevant content would you want to see on Conduit? This page is your wish list so put your thoughts in a comment below. 
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Comments (11)
Mattias Järvegren on 02/28/12 on 07:34 AM (Pacific Time)
My top two sources of energy related news are Clearing Up and Joel Meyer's Energy News Digest blog.
Libby Calnon on 02/28/12 on 07:52 AM (Pacific Time)
Me too, and I also have a long list of energy-related twitter accounts I follow.
Hannah Cruz on 02/28/12 on 07:54 AM (Pacific Time)
I also receive the daily Environmental Leader to scan national clean energy headlines.
Veronica Marzilli on 02/28/12 on 08:51 AM (Pacific Time)
I'm a big fan of the aggregators - use meltwater's twice daily recaps, and some of the trade e-newsletters. I think the current mix of news on Conduit is pretty fresh/varied, actually. But, would love to see a blog  - would be great is Conduit became the Grist of EE news...
Phill Guay on 02/28/12 on 09:08 AM (Pacific Time)
Beyond the wealth of internal resources I am active on several LinkedIn discussion groups typically using the weekly summary approach 
John Wallner on 02/28/12 on 09:29 AM (Pacific Time)
In addition to the internal resources like EE news I get material from RMI, NACFAM Sustainability,
Peter Wilcox on 02/28/12 on 11:00 AM (Pacific Time)
The New York Times is another good source.  EE articles are not frequent, but when they appear they are generally excellent.  Both Paul Klugman and Tom Freidman also tie EE into their opinion pieces in ways that make larger connections.  I like to access from the NY Times app.
Eric Miller on 02/28/12 on 02:19 PM (Pacific Time)
I guess my main resource is something like Veronica refers to as a news aggregator; that would be WSU Energy Extension Office's weekly newsbriefs:    http://www.energy.wsu.edu/EnergyLibrary/Newsbriefs.aspx#Energy
(Hope that link works or that Ben fixes it).
                                                                              I only wish I had more time to read it :)
Pat Lydon on 03/01/12 on 01:19 PM (Pacific Time)
I receive several email digests including several mentioned above. One I haven't seen mentioned yet is from the Alliance to Save Energy:


Joel Smith on 03/12/12 on 04:15 PM (Pacific Time)
In addition to some of the resources listed above, I find the publications from Energy Central (EnergyBiz and Intelligent Utility) are a good way to get a pulse on what utilities are doing around the country. The two publications seem to be directed at executives but the articles are still valuable.
Ben Fowler on 04/02/12 on 11:32 AM (Pacific Time)
Excellent ideas everyone. I've added all these sources to my list. I'm going to go back to our development team and see how we might pull all of these into one comprehensive feed. Will keep you updated.

If you come across additional news sources you'd like me to add, please continue to post them as a comment here.