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New GE HPWH added to Northern Climate Specification as Tier 1 Qualified

Created 5/14/2012 by Dave Kresta
Updated 5/14/2012 by Dave Kresta
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Lab testing is completed on the new GE HPWH model and it has been qualified as a Tier 1 unit. The new model is sold by GE under two SKU #'s, one for the retail channel (GEH50DEEDSR), the other for the professional installer channel (GEH50DEEDSC). Check out the updated qualified products list for the complete list of Northern Climate qualified HPWHs.
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Comments (2)
Ben Fowler on 05/14/12 on 01:04 PM (Pacific Time)
Very Cool. Nice to see so many big brands jumping on the bandwagon of the new spec, and so quickly. 
Dave Kresta on 06/04/12 on 04:34 PM (Pacific Time)
They are saying they want to see more field data to prove out the energy saving potential of a ducted installation. Good news is that we are launching just such a validation study this year...so we will keep encouraging them...

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