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What are your best practices for maintaining persistence of O&M type measures?

Created 8/24/2011 by Ray Hawksley
Updated 2/21/2012 by Ben Fowler
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Energy Trust of Oregon has expanded it's focus on identifying and implementing O&M type energy efficiency measures for industrial sites. As a result, we have determined that in order to drive long-term energy savings, persistence of implemented measures must be addressed long before implementation even starts.

Thus far we have addressed long-term persistence in several ways including operator training, provision of instrumentation (flow meters, pressure gauges, stack thermometers), measure ment tools (ultrasonic leak detectors), and support for updating Standard Operating Proceedures.

What other approaches have others found to be effective in keeping O&M type energy efficiency measures persistiing long after they are first implemented?
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Comments (2)
Tina Toburen on 08/30/11 on 10:15 AM (Pacific Time)
The number one factor in keeping an energy efficiency program going after implementation is having a on-site program Champion who is passionate about efficiency.  This Champion needs to fully understand the programs and procedures that were put in place. 

The number two factor that I've seen succeed is tying personnel incentives ($$) to efficiency measures.
Ray Hawksley on 08/30/11 on 12:12 PM (Pacific Time)
Thank you Tina for your feedback.

Our Strategic Energy Management (SEM) offerings do require that an Energy Manager or champion be assigned. For companies that are not participating in SEM but are pursuing Custom O&M project incentives, we do not require them to have an energy champion although the companies that do routinely outperform those that do not.

We have seen a few organizations adapt either a monetary or "goodies" type of reward program for their employees but not very many - yet. Hopefully this concept will continue to migrate throughout industrial organizations.

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