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The role of the USB

Created 3/11/2011 by Andrew Miller
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BPA is reviewing the role of the USB. Current USB members have suggested improving information to foster broader utility participation. Perhaps regional use of Conduit is the answer...?
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Summer Goodwin on 03/16/11 on 05:47 PM (Pacific Time)
Conduit is an information-sharing and collaboration tool. I think it will be a great way to engage BPA public utility customers in the work of the USB. Since all customers can't be on the USB, the USB members might choose to use Conduti as a means to solicit feedback from other BPA public utility customers and then funnel that information back to the USB and then to BPA. Although this is possible now via telephone calls and emails, Conduit should make it easier. It's kind of like crowdsourcing. If you want to know more about crowdsourcing go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowdsourcing.
Mattias Järvegren on 03/18/11 on 09:59 AM (Pacific Time)
I agree that Conduit can be a great tool to distribute information, receive feedback and in general engage all the regional utilities in discussion started at the USB. I am very curious and interested in this project.
Lisa Atkin on 03/27/11 on 03:50 PM (Pacific Time)
Conduit would be a useful tool to ensure connectivity of all utlities in the discussions happening at the USB level, regardless of whether they are directly represented on the Board or not. This would be particularly helpful as we continue to explore and agree on the Post-2011 structure that the USB should take.
Summer Goodwin on 03/29/11 on 03:01 PM (Pacific Time)
Sorry, I didn't mean to focus this discussion on Conduit, I know it's just a small part.

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