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Sanden CO2 split system added to Advanced Water Heater Spec Qualified Products List

Created 3/30/2017 by Jill Reynolds
Updated 4/13/2017 by Veronica Marzilli
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Recently NEEA updated the Advanced Water Heater Specification Qualified Products List to include Sanden’s CO2 split system heat pump water heater (HPWH). The "SANCO2" is the first CO2-refrigerant HPWH available, and is the next generation HPWH able to address challenging installations (locations in the core of the house, areas too integrated in the house that may lead to a negative customer experience such as noise, cold air, vibration, etc.).  The system’s water storage tank is indoors while the compressor, that heats the water, is outdoors. The unit also features very high efficiency, reliability, and is suitable for installation in very low-temperature areas. Contact Jill Reynolds with any questions.

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Comments (2)
Kevin Watier on 04/06/17 on 11:23 AM (Pacific Time)

What distribution method will Sanden be using.

Mary Medeiros McEnroe on 04/11/17 on 08:07 AM (Pacific Time)

We're glad to hear this as made the Advanced Water Heater Specification Qualified Products List.  We've been working on a project with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to test the unit in their lab homes, titled the "Field Demonstration and Performance Validation of a CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater/Space Heater Combination System". Once the project is complete, we're happy to share the report and other deliverables.

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