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Hot Off the Press! New Lighting Market Intelligence Report

Created 2/28/2017 by Jessica Aiona
Updated 3/7/2017 by Veronica Marzilli
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The Bonneville Power Administration recently completed research on the residential and nonresidential lighting markets. Our market intelligence report examines the size and breakdown of each sector’s market, highlights shifts in sales trends and supply chains, provides information on the new ENERGY STAR specification and federal standards, and discusses where opportunities for efficiency still remain. 

Download a copy of the report, which includes information on:

Sales Trends

LEDs have gone from 1% of retail sales to 24% in only five years. LEDs have similarly transformed the mix of non-residential lighting products sold, accounting for over 15% of distributor sales today. This report details these recent sales trends and explores what these changes mean for a continually evolving lighting market.

Market Dynamics

Technology shifts have also meant shifts in the residential and non-residential supply chains. New market actors are playing key roles, while some traditional market actors find themselves needing to modify their value propositions to keep up with changing customer preferences.

Standards and Specifications

In the midst of today’s increasingly efficient lighting market, both federal lighting standards and voluntary specifications, such as ENERGY STAR, are revisiting their current requirements to push the market further.

Planning for the Future

The Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), which regulated the manufacture of specific incandescent lamps, also eliminated the least efficient and most common screw-in lamps from the lighting market. At the same time, advancements in LED technology are pushing lighting efficacy to new heights. However, these improvements do not mean the market is fully transformed; portions of both residential and non-residential lighting markets remain relatively inefficient.

Check out our report to learn more about this rapidly changing market!

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Comments (1)
Deborah Driscoll on 03/03/17 on 05:05 AM (Pacific Time)

What an excellent, visually compelling overview of the lighting market - sales trends, technology trends, market actor insights and so much more. Thank you, BPA team!