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NEEA wants your input! Take our Strategic Planning survey.

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We’ve started to gather the region’s input on NEEA's 2020-24 Strategic Plan, and the future direction of the alliance. The Strategic Plan sets NEEA’s vision, mission and strategic goals over a five-year period, and is the basis for NEEA’s 2020-24 Business Plan, and how the alliance will deliver regional value and meet its Strategic Plan goals.

Please take some time by February 24 to share your ideas about the implications our current environment has for the focus and future direction of the alliance. We’ll use this input to help inform major themes and directional feedback to share with our Board.

First, read our situational assessments of electric and gas efficiency. These document are based on secondary research, and do not represent either the NEEA Board of Directors or NEEA staff’s point of view.  Rather, they're meant to be a starting point for discussions about our shared future business environment – and the strategies that will be necessary for utilities and NEEA to be successful within it.  

Then, please answer our brief survey.

Many of you have participated in this process before, and we’re hoping you’ll bring your thoughts and experience to the table. Over the course of this year, we’ll combine direct outreach, workshops, surveys and secondary research in order to encourage frank discussion and help bring the region’s best thinking forward. Stay informed by joining our 2020 planning community here on Conduit, or by following/searching the tag “NEEA 2020.”


Please note: this survey is now closed - thanks for your participation!

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