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A.O. Smith Tier 3 Product Launch

Created 7/5/2016 by Hot Water Solutions
Updated 7/5/2016 by Hot Water Solutions
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A.O. Smith, the largest manufacturer and marketer of water heaters in North America, introduced a dramatically efficient new heat pump water heater model. NEEA tested this product and results showed it is the first to meet Advanced Water Heater Specification Tier 3 qualifications in the factory set mode.  This is a huge leap for the heat pump water heater market as it increases Tier 3 product diversity and stocking. The following 8 brands now meet Tier 3 criteria:

  • American
  • A.O. Smith
  • Kenmore
  • Lochinvar
  • Reliance
  • State
  • U.S. Craftmaster
  • Whirlpool

See the Qualified Products List to view all model numbers. Each brand offers a 50, 66 and 80 gallon product; Northern Climate Energy Factors are 2.43, 2.56, and 2.70 respectively. This means that with this new product customers can now save up to 60% on their electric water heating costs

Hot Water Solutions is integrating the ‘up to 60% savings’ message throughout our website as well as in promotion materials, and we encourage all market partners to do the same.



Hot Water Solutions is collaborating with A.O. Smith to launch a product promotion in 2016 with specific strategies and timing for both wholesale and retail channels. Product is being produced, shipped and should be commercially available this month. Key information is listed below:

Wholesale Promotion: Launched this month once product is stocked.

  • Markdown in participating Northwest A.O. Smith wholesale locations
  • Applicable to qualified HPWH products in all the A.O. Smith family of brands
  • Available through March 2017 or while funds last, slated to launch in July
  • Upon confirmation of product stocking, Hot Water Solutions will send utility notice to begin spreading the word

Retail Promotion: Expected to launch in August; TBD pending more discussions with A.O. Smith

  • Markdown in participating Northwest A.O. Smith retail locations
  • Applicable to qualified HPWH products in all the A.O. Smith family of brands
  • Available through March 2017 or while funds last, slated to launch in August
  • Utilities will have the opportunity to participate in promotion marketing activities, to be announced in Q3

We will keep you informed of when product is stocked, markdowns are live, and resources are available. Additionally, we will announce participating retailers and wholesalers as product is stocked. 



Consumers and installers now have more choice when it comes to efficient heat pump water heaters. Hot Water Solutions will develop promotion marketing materials in conjunction with the launch of the retail promotion, which is expected to launch in August. Additionally, let us know what you have planned so we can communicate it to A.O. Smith. We also can help with the following:

Smart Target Lists with zip codes containing highest percentage of targeted customers

  • Marketing templates
  • Installer outreach strategy
  • And more!

The opportunity to accelerate heat pump water heater adoption is bigger than ever, we look forward to continuing to build momentum in the region with you.


Please contact Jill Reynolds at jreynolds@neea.org if you have any questions about these exciting developments.

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