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Heat Pump Water Heater Customer Educational Video

Created 6/29/2016 by Hot Water Solutions
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NEEA is developing videos to educate consumers on the benefits of heat pump water heaters. Utilities in the region will have access to a 90-second educational video, 30-second public service announcement and 15-second social media and promoted content videos. Messaging in these videos focuses on savings:

  • Heat pump water heaters offer the same reliable hot water, but can cut your electric water-heating costs by up to 60% by working more efficiently than their standard electric counterparts.
  • Additional tax credits and utility incentives may be available, so you can save even more with a heat pump water heater.


Video delivery is scheduled for Q3, and NEEA has engaged the heat pump water heater work group and utility marketing contacts in the process. Please reach out to Becca Yates at byates@neea.org with any questions.

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