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EFX16 Videos and Presentations Now Available

Created 5/4/2016 by Carol Lindstrom
Updated 2/1/2017 by Carol Lindstrom
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Were you unable to attend Efficiency Exchange 2016? Or did you attend the conference, but realized you couldn't be in four sessions at the same time? Or maybe you tried to explain a session to a colleague who couldn't attend, and realized they just needed to be there to fully understand it.

You'll be happy to know that videos and presentations are now available. Follow the links below and you'll have access to all conference content.

General Session - Energy Efficiency in the Seventh Power Plan

The Evolution of Evaluation: Revolution or Resolution? EM&V 2.0 New Approaches vs. Traditional Methods 

Data-Driven Energy Efficiency as a Gateway to Customer Satisfaction and Engagement

Beyond the Fence Line Part 2: Energy Efficiency in the Clean Power Plan

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: Evolving Opportunities to Stabilize the Region’s Future 

Pay For Performance

Social Marketing: Changing Behaviors for Good 

Utility Response to Industry Disruption

Apples to Apples: Improving the Region's Tracking of Conservation Progress

Crackpots and Conmen: Adventures in Debunking the Snake Oil Salesmen of EE

Emerging Tech Speed Dating

No Stone Unturned: Building Efficiency With Behavior

The Good, Bad and Ugly: Energy Managers’ Thoughts on Incentive Requirements 

The Research Countdown

Non-Energy Benefits: It's Time to Get Serious

Secrets of Efficient, Scalable Energy Efficiency Financing

The Delicate Balance: Short-Term Rates vs. EE as the Lowest Cost Resource

Achieving Targeted Energy Savings Through Custom Tailored Marketing and Outreach

The State of the Lighting Industry

Energy Efficiency as a Capacity Resource

Closing Session - Building on Experience: Industry Leaders of the Present and Future Tackle Today’s Challenges

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